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3 ways to recognize real Murano glass

3 ways to recognize real Murano glass

The art of Murano glass it is famous all over the world and is synonymous with prestige and beauty.

The Murano glass objects and beads are made with great skill by master glassmakerswho are located in Venice and Murano.

But how to recognize the original Murano glass?

With a little attention and these simple tips it will be easier to recognize and buy only original pieces!

vetro di Murano originale

Observe the color

Check the transparency and brightness of the Murano glass used for your jewel.

Usually the Murano glass has a bright color.

Each Murano product is unique and different from each other: small imperfections are the hallmark of a work done exclusively by hand by our master craftsmen.

Look at the decorations inside the glass and you will notice that each one is unique.

vetro di murano originale

Request the guarantee certificate

Ask the seller if there is a guarantee certificate to verify that the jewel you want to buy is really made with Murano glass by glass masters of Venice.

Each jewel in the Venetiaurum® collection is accompanied by a guarantee that certifies its origin100% Made in Italy.

All our jewels are strictly handmade by the best Venetian glass masters and goldsmiths from Vicenza. The design of all collections is created by us.

vetro di murano originale

Pay attention to the price

The characteristics of Murano glass are based on the quality of the materials used for its decorations:gold leaf, silver leaf, avventurina etc.
These materials are valuable and must be applied with particular skill.
So if an object has a very low price compared to others it was hardly made with original materials and techniques.

Vetro di murano con foglia oro

Murano glass is a true work of art,its production technique is a excellence of Made in Italy. Protect and safeguard it, buy it and give it away./span>

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