About Us

A family of entrepreneurs, in the name of quality Made in Italy.

The best craftsmen of Murano, the best jewellers of Vicenza. The business mission of Linea Italia is simple and direct: to be a global point of reference for the craftsmanship of Murano glass, which is then enhanced by profound expertise in the jeweller’s art. For thirty years the family Loison has safeguarded, handed down and exported throughout the world collections Made in Italy that are unique in their kind, in which totally handmade and certified Murano glass and the unique creations of master goldsmiths of Vicenza are brought together.

Our most precious resource? Our staff.

Talent cannot be bought. It is an innate resource, one which we are committed to cultivating and enhancing in each member of our staff.

The creation of handcrafted Murano glass is an age-old process, handed down from generation to generation.

For this reason we place particular value on the rights of all of our employees and establishing a working environment that is as rewarding as possible – one that stimulates the creativity, passion and attention to detail that characterize every Linea Italia creation.