Multi-stranded Necklace In Original Murano Glass And 925 Silver - Red, Black and Gold - CONT0014RN

VAT Rate €19,14

Cad: CONT0014RN

  • Measure 48 cm
  • hypoallergenic and nickel free
  • Gift box
  • 100% Made In Italy
Necklace with 24 strands of intertwined black, gold and red beads. 18 kt yellow gold plated silver lobster clasp closure. The conteria is a small glass bead, forged according to the most ancient tradition of glass masters. This special craftsmanship makes each piece unique.
The closure has stamped the 925 mark, as a certification of authenticity and quality.

Weight 44,00 gr, Italian artisan product.

For purchases over 60 euros you will receive a Murano glass charm for free.